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Trackit provides an End-to-End Event Engagement Platform to elevate your guest experience

Driving Meaningful Engagement

Trackit gives event planners the ability to engage their guests at every major touchpoint of the event experience.  From purchasing tickets to driving foot traffic to specific exhibits, event planners can now track real-time event engagement data and use the intelligence to adapt your digital signage in real-time.

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Digital Display Integrator

At Trackit, we go beyond the traditional signage paradigm. We support enterprise clients in turning screens into powerful engagement tools to drive revenue and guide guest experiences.

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We provide a turnkey white label ticketing system or we can integrate with major event management ticketing systems

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Engagement Analytics

Our analytics dashboard allows you to track guest engagement and event data to deliver real ROI to sponsors and advertisers


Content Management

 Our cloud-based content management system means you can control your screens from anywhere in real-time

Plug-and-Play Digital Signage

Connect with your event or venue guests through powerful digital signage


  • Turnkey device controller

  • Modern cloud-based engagement management platform

  • No clunky setup - Just plug into an HDMI port and connect to the internet!

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Increase Revenue

Increase sponsorship opportunities for your event and grow revenue through engagement!

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Advertising & Sponsorship

Our Trackit boxes can be used with most digital displays to turn your screens into guest engagement centers for event messaging and sponsorship advertisements

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Screen-to-Mobile Activation

Get access to our white label digital event portal where guests interact with your event - adds additional source of digital sponsorship inventory

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