Touchless Solutions

Trackit's digital signage solutions makes sharing your message across multiple screens in a venue or around the world easy to scale and manage.


Real Engagement. Driving Results.

Learn about what makes Trackit the touchless digital signage software solution for every venue everywhere.

  • Intuitive Signage Content Management

  • Built-in guest check-in solution

  • Seamless multi-location control

  • Touchless screen engagement with gesture sensors


Touchless Solutions Platform


Touchless Signage Engagement

We all know about touchscreen digital signs. But, in today's environment, touching screens might be a taboo subject. At Trackit, we've partnered with Ultraleap to help you turn your screen into a gesture enabled display. Whether it is a TV or a kiosk, we can help turn your screen into a gesture enabled engagement sign!


Manage Your Screens Anywhere

Trackit's digital display software streamlines your signage management needs with an intuitive web dashboard that you can access from anywhere! You can now turn your TVs or other digital displays into digital signs with the Trackit device. We've also helped large events and venues reduce their physical signage printing costs by providing them a digital alternative. Now, you can change your messaging in real-time without worrying about printing costs and lead times.

Trackit's Suite of Solutions

Trackit was designed with large event and office solutions in mind. Our suite of software extends beyond digital display signage we are an all-in-one solution that can provide you visibility of key activities.

  • Guest/Employee Check-In with QR Codes

  • Guest/Employee Check-In with Facial Recognition

  • Guest/Employee Check-In with Thermal Readings

  • Event or venue shuttle and bus vehicle tracking with Trackit's own vehicle tracking app (available on IOS and Android)

  • Free Digital Menus for Restaurants or Pop-up Culinary Events

Built for businesses of all sizes

The all-in-one touchless digital signage software platform