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Signage Solutions

Turn any digital display into an engagement center with our plug-and-play controller and intuitive content management platform

Any Screen. Anywhere.

Turn any digital display into a managed display.

  • Plug-and-Play Display Controller

  • Compatible with any HDMI display

  • Remotely control displays - Change content from anywhere

  • Ethernet or WiFi internet connection

Manage In Real-Time

Changes occur frequently at events. Traditional signage is difficult to change quickly. With Trackit's cloud based content manage system, event planners and venues are able to change signage designs in real-time to meet the changing needs of the event flow.


Below are some examples of how events can support their event messaging needs:

Digital Signage

For events, Trackit brings the signage to you. Trackit offers simple turnkey digital signage solutions for temporary events. Our kiosks are designed to be transportable at event locations. We offer both outdoor and indoor digital display solutions and will provide an on-site team to help support and manage the digital displays.

Vehicle Tracking App

If your event has a shuttle service or transportation fleet, Trackit provides an in-suite app that can help you track your vehicles and display their locations on our kiosks to help your guests know when their vehicles will arrive and know how to navigate the event.

Sponsorship & Advertisements

Digital displays are perfect locations for advertising and sponsorship placements. The versatility of our displays provide your sponsors the ability to engage attendees in creative ways that will drive interest and traffic to their booths or digital locations.


Ticket purchases are essential in driving more revenue to your event. That's why we will help integrate our digital display solutions with your existing ticketing solutions. We also provide our own turnkey software giving event organizers more control over their ticketing needs.

Emergency Messaging

The ability to notify event attendees of an emergency situations is paramount for the safety of events. Our staff will work with your security professionals to enable the devices with event emergency messaging that can be displayed immediately on the digital displays to warn attendees to guide them to the nearest exist.

Custom Integrations

Trackit is a digital display integrator and we work with events to display content that are relevant to their attendees. We offer off-the-shelf and custom integrations that help clients message to their audience. Whether it's company analytics, local weather/traffic, local transportation options and attractions, we are able to support your needs.

Simple Content Management

Intuitive content management solution that anyone can operate either on-site or remotely. Even make changes directly from your phone!

  • Upload Image Files

  • Upload Videos

  • Advanced Content Scheduling

  • Bulk Upload Scheduling

  • Content Analytics

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