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Event Engagement

Capture your event engagement data and boost exhibitor's ROI by transforming your show to the digital economy

In-Event Digital Experience
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  • Capture Event Data and Analytics

  • Additional Digital Sponsorship Inventory

  • Real-time Screen-to-Mobile Activations

  • Cashless Event Experiences

  • No separate app to download

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Real-Time Event Data

See all your event data in one location and make real-time decisions to improve the guest experience.

  • Trackit's engagement platform data

  • Third-party app data

  • Custom data requests

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Attract Attention. Deliver ROI.

At Trackit, we help events and sponsors drive real engagement with our platform. Combined with creative marketing techniques and our powerful suite of features, events improve their guest engagement and experience.

Exhibitor's Products

Support exhibitors by marketing their services and products in the event's digital engagement portal. 

Real-Time Messaging

Dynamically change content through the content management system anytime to adapt to event changes.

Sponsorship & Advertisements

Our physical and digital advertisement and sponsorship inventory enables events to deliver real ROI.

Vehicle Tracking App

 Trackit provides an in-suite app that tracks your vehicles and display their locations to help guests navigate events.

Digital Mobile Engagement

Customize the mobile engagement platform to your brand. Guests do not need to download a separate app.

Ticketing & Registration

Use Trackit's turnkey ticketing software or integrate your existing ticketing service to increase digital ticket sales.

Creative Engagement
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Our seasoned team of show experts will work your show organizers and planners to help the event, exhibitors, vendors, and sponsors on best practices in creating attention grabbing content and incentives to:

  • Drive Real Engagement

  • Direct Show Flow

  • Increase Vendor Sales

  • Deliver Sponsorship and Exhibitor ROI

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