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Event Services

Trackit provides device rentals and offers white-glove services to optimize guest engagement at events

Event Solutions

We provide a dedicated onsite staff for your events setup to teardown, and everything in between.

Our seasoned team of roadshow experts will provide you the best service, world-class support, and innovative technology solutions. 

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More Than Just
Digital Displays

We don't just rent out and provide digital displays at an event. We work with event organizers to customize their guest engagement and experience.

Our mission is to help our event partners seamlessly connect their digital screen signage and the guests' mobile devices to create a revolutionary event attendance experience.

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Trackit In-Event Solutions

Connect with your event or venue guests through powerful digital signage and kiosk solutions backed by a modern cloud-based content management platform


  • Event organizers define the digital display content scheduling through personalized dashboard or Trackit's white glove services

  • Real-Time Messaging allows for content changes during the event

  • Emergency Messaging can be pre-established and enabled to support event contingency plans 


  • Integrations with POS systems and Ticketing platforms provide event organizers additional sales opportunities via their digital displays

  • Trackit also provides advertising and sponsorship sales services through a revenue share model with event organizers


  • All devices supporting events are equipped with LTE or 5G so they can be supported in locations without WiFi or ethernet connectivity

  • Flexibility in digital display location placement

  • Manage all event displays from any browser

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